It's what just hit you!

KickintheHead: it’s what just hit you

We select fine specialty grade Arabica coffees and handcraft a fermented “wine-like” beverage that showcases the unique flavors of the coffee.


KickintheHead is a Coffee Wine

KickintheHead contains no grapes, just coffee.  So you may wonder why we call it a wine.  That’s because “wine” refers to any fermented agricultural product.  Consider dandelion wine, rice wine (sake) and apple wine (cider).


KickintheHead is for everyone

Are you a foodie?  Craftie?  Wine lover?  Coffee lover?  KickintheHead is for YOU.  It’s like nothing you’ve tasted, but everything you love.  We think it is the next leap in specialty beverages.

Caffeinated.  12% ABV.  Made in small batches.


KickintheHead is available

Are you ready for a KickintheHead? Please stop for a tasting of our current coffee wines. We are located at:

Advantage Beer & Wine Supplies
2508-D Hwy 70, Hickory, North Carolina (Map)
Hours: Tue-Fri, 10am to 5:30pm; Sat, 10am to 2pm